Discover Our Story: Unveiling the Passion Behind Our Purpose

At Knownable, we are more than just a creative agency – we are brand alchemists, crafting exceptional experiences that captivate audiences and forge enduring connections. Our team of strategic visionaries and imaginative artisans is driven by an insatiable passion for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, transcending mere aesthetics to unveil the soul of your brand.

From the inception of a bold idea to its masterful execution, we guide you on a journey of discovery, unearthing the essence of your brand and unleashing its full potential. Our holistic approach seamlessly interweaves strategy, creativity, and innovation, ensuring that every touchpoint resonates with authenticity and leaves an indelible mark on your audience. With Knownable, your brand becomes a living, breathing embodiment of your vision, commanding attention and inspiring unwavering loyalty.

Core Values

At Knownable, our values form the bedrock of our agency’s ethos. Kinship binds us together as a tribe, fostering collaboration and shared purpose with our clients. Veracity ensures that every project we undertake is guided by precision, authenticity, and truth. Ingenuity drives our relentless pursuit of creative innovation, empowering us to push boundaries and find unique solutions for our clients. Together, these values define who we are and how we approach every challenge, ensuring exceptional results and enduring partnerships.

Abdeslam Chabbabi – Founder & CEO


At Knownable, “Kinship” underpins our collaborative approach – clients become part of our tribe, united by shared purpose. We embrace them like family, working in harmony to tackle challenges together. Through open dialogue celebrating diverse perspectives, we weave our talents into exceptional creativity. Our clients are kindred spirits on a journey where we redefine what’s possible, side-by-side.


“Veracity” underpins all Knownable’s work – a steadfast commitment to precision, accuracy and truth aligned with each brand’s authentic identity. Through meticulous exploration, we extract core truths to shape creative authentically resonant with the brand’s essence. Veracity enables credible connections and timeless creativity grounded in intrinsic sincerity.


“Ingenuity” is the cornerstone of Knownable’s approach. We thrive on creative innovation, constantly pushing boundaries and seeking novel solutions. Our team’s diverse talents and collaborative spirit foster a culture of exploration and experimentation, empowering our clients to stand out and drive success.